Ten Christmas Movies to Watch in 2020

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Ahhhh... I love curling up on my sofa during the long winter nights, with a cup of something long, delicious and hot, wrapped in a soft blanket, watching heart-warming movies. I especially love doing this around Christmas - after the special dinner has been cooked and eaten, the dishes cleaned and the walk walked! Last Christmas both my son and I were away so this year we are having the full works - the tree, eggnog, our favourite jazzy Christmas song collection, long nights on the sofa, naughty treats and cookie baking sessions! The other night we actually sat down and put together a list of movies we would like to watch this holiday season. If you are stuck for things to watch and want some inspiration, check out our Christmas Movie List 2020 below!

  1. Elf - A Christmas film that is Christmassy to the core. You really don’t get more Christmassy than Elf. If you reach Christmas day and still aren’t feeling festive, you definitely will after Elf. Manchildren worldwide rejoice, Will Ferrel as an overgrown Elf is a movie that represents you in a Christmas classic for the ages.
  2. Gremlins - Nothing says Christmas like hundreds of tiny green monsters killing your neighbours. Just maybe leave this one till the kids are tucked in.
  3. How the Grinch stole Christmas - Yet another green monster film (I promise it's the last), though this time it’s a bit less morbid. A bit. Not sure whether teaching kids to eat glass is useful, but it definitely has heart to it.
  4. Lord of the Rings Trilogy - Ok, this one isn’t Christmassy at all, but somehow it's become a tradition of our household to binge watch the entire trilogy. Just beware, if you choose to watch them it’ll be 2021 before you know it. Which maybe isn’t a bad thing actually.
  5. Harry Potter - Which one? Well you have 8 to choose from. Yes. 8. So unless you have magical time stopping abilities from the flick of your wand, I think the first film is probably your best bet.
  6. Home Alone 1 or 2 - Quite the debate here. Home Alone 1 or Home Alone 2. You’ve definitely seen them a million times. At this point I’m so sick of watching it that I’d rather avoid it to be honest. But it is a classic so if you’re less enraged at the idea of re-watching it than me, it's a good pick to get you in the festive spirit.
  7. Austin Powers - The biggest outlier on this list. Yes. For whatever reason, Austin Powers has become a family tradition to watch on Christmas. It's not exactly PG (to say the very least); but if there aren’t any kids around it's a funny pick to lighten the mood after any Christmas-dinner-disasters that may have occurred.
  8. Edward Scissorhands - Very heart-warming and actually about Christmas! A good pick for the evening, and even better if you have any goth-like tendencies.
  9. The Nightmare Before Christmas - The perfect pick for Christmas Eve. Let’s just hope that your Christmas Eve isn’t as much of a nightmare.
  10. Chronicles of Narnia - Well, I think it's safe to say that it won’t be a snowy Christmas in the UK this year...or any year even. Narnia is a great movie to put you in that wintery spirit, and forget about the rain that will probably pour outside your home on Christmas day.