The Path Of Yoga

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I was first initiated into the science of yoga at the age of 16 when I was studying performing arts at the conservatoire in the Ural Mountains of Russia. Even back then I intuitively knew the transformative power of this ancient system. It resonated with me as ever since I was a young child I had the drive for self-development and personal growth. I often wondered why it took me so long to arrive here?.. I now realise that the life experiences I’ve accumulated since then are invaluable in the approach to teaching that I use today. When I finally opened my heart to yoga, one day life really left me with no choice in this matter, my world changed. And it continues to evolve and improve every millisecond of every day.

Yoga is the path to liberation of our spirit, freedom from the restrictive conditioning of our minds. We hold unlimited potential within us and the system of yoga is there to help unlock that potential so we can begin to live happy, healthy, purposeful and fulfilled lives! No, you can not learn to live this way from a book and you will not be able to always measure, fully understand or even explain the subtle experiences within your body and mind as you progress. They will happen. You will have to cultivate discipline and develop a daily practice. Even when you have ‘no time’. Especially when you have ‘no time’. You will have to learn to face your demons and to live with compassion, towards yourself first, no matter how hard that may be! This is how abundance is created. It starts with You. 

Accepting yourself completely. Giving love and time to yourself so that one day you are able to give it, unconditionally, to others from a place of overflowing, unlimited abundance and love. You will learn that in reality there is no other place. And you will begin to live your life authentically with the ability and strength to walk away from people and situations that do not serve you while maintaining integrity and respect for another. You will understand what the word ‘choice’ really means. And you will experience what the true Freedom entails.

LOVE. Always ❤