Yoga, Mantra & Morning Meditation Masterclass


    SATURDAY, 26 JUNE 2021

    1000 - 1200


    Level: Beginners- Advanced


    Style: Vinyasa flow - Surya Namaskara (Salute to the Sun) with Bija mantras


    Content: 80% asana, mantra & pranayama / 20% meditation / 8% magic (a shift in perception) = 108% empowered living & awesomeness!


    This is a 2-hour immersive masterclass aimed at awakening and utilizing the solar energy within us. We will focus on learning and practicing the classic 12 posture Sun Salutation sequence with a therapeutic purpose. On the physical level, the aim of the practice is to help you develop strength, endurance and flexibility. On the energetic/pranic level the aim is to release the stagnant energy and harmonize the flow between Ida (lunar) and Pingala (solar) nadis (energy channels) hence increasing the individual pranic flow (life force). The result? More energy, increased feelings of well-being and happiness, suppleness in the body and spaciousness in the mind!


    The class is run in a traditional yogic format, with the use of kriya, mantra and pranayama as well as meditation and a delicious guided shavasana to complete the practice. We will use specific bija mantras (seed syllables) corresponding to each position, to set up powerful vibrations of energy within the mind and body. In addition to the powerful hatha yoga practices that we will be using, these vibrations are known to correct the functions of the exocrine and endocrine systems in the human body, increasing the overall vitality of the major internal organs.


    This is a pop-up event and on this occasion, we will gather at the Grange Pavilion Yoga Studio.


    Please bring a yoga mat and a blanket to the class.


    Contraindications: anyone suffering or recovering from injuries should be mindful when doing the vinyasa portion of the class and modify it to make the sequence easier or more comfortable.





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