• Hi, I am Oxana. This is my website. I am a yoga teacher and an Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant. I am passionate about health, healing & living a conscious life. I am interested in spirituality and Vedic sciences and how they can be used to improve our busy modern lives. I teach and I coach. I help busy people develop lifestyles that allow them to thrive whilst their health improves. I run spiritual events and deliver educational talks. You will be the first to know about them if you subscribe to my mailing list.


    I also run regular Immersive Well-being Retreats from unique locations in the UK and abroad. People really enjoy them and come back for more. I think you will like them too.

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  • Your Conscious Choices

    Products that I use and regularly recommend to my clients

    Phox V2 Water Filter

    2.2L Glass Water Filter Jug and Refillable Eco Cartridge.

    VonShef Small Rice Cooker

    0.3L Electric Rice Steamer for 2 with Keep Warm Function.

    BLUblox Tortoise Shell Sleep+

    100% Blue/Green Light Blocking Glasses

    Y-Kelin Copper Tongue Scraper

    Tongue Brush for Oral Care (2 pcs Copper)

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