"Absolutely love Oxana’s classes, Creative, fun, spiritual and caring!" Lowri


    "Such a pleasure to join Oxana's Yin workshop on Friday. Thank you for providing a perfect space for us all to relax unwind, let go and reconnect through Yin, as well as half an hour of Yoga Nidra. We closed off the session with a cup of Raw Cacao and chat. A very enchanting evening over all and was great to connect with other like minds. Look forward to the next workshop. Thank you Oxana" Natalie


    "Fab classes, brilliant instructor! Felt at ease even as a beginner - I'll be a regular at these classes!!" Amanda


    "A wonderful passionate yoga teacher. I will attend many more classes as I love them." Shaun


    "A very dedicated and talented instructor who pays a great deal of attention to her students, creative lessons and marvellous themes. I have practised yoga for many years and have never had such a lovely guided shavasana that made me feel so connected to source and the earth in general...I couldn't recommend her highly enough, try her for yourself and see what I mean! Thank you very much, I look forward to the next one!" Spencer


    "Thanks Oxana. I really enjoyed the yoga. I slept well after your amazing class and it left me feeling so revitalised the next day. Thank you so much. See you next week." Debbie


    "Just gotta say how much I am enjoying Oxana's classes. Not done any yoga for well over 10 years and yet I don't feel like a novice. Oxana is very encouraging throughout session and the time flies by. Before you know it we are at the best bit ever, relaxation!!! ...Loving it!" Tracey


    "Fantastic yoga teacher especially as her support is continual not just at class. Oxana also shares her in-depth knowledge of yoga and ayurveda" Amanda

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