16/01/2021 - 22 /01/2021

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    What's included:


    Two Strategy Zoom Sessions + One Zoom Live Cooking Session


    Exclusive Access To All Session Recordings


    Daily Interaction Via Private Facebook Group


    Daily motivational emails with tips & advice


    Supplemental Practices & Materials


    Shopping List + Recipes




    This program will get you to..

      • Feel energised, empowered & enthusiastic
      • Boost your immune system 
      • Improve your digestion
      • Develop healthy habits
      • Lose weight
      • Stop feeling bloated and heavy
      • Reduce food cravings
      • Remove brain fog
    • Happiness is the highest form of health.

      - Dalai Lama

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      There is nothing wrong with indulging ourselves over the Christmas period. However, the majority of us, myself included, tend to over-indulge. After weeks of relentless consumption of wine, sweets, brownies and cookies we find that not only we gained extra pounds but also became sugar-addicted and picked up unhealthy habits which we now find hard to let go of. This is where Reset & Restore comes in. A week of kicking caffeine, alcohol, processed foods, added sugars, gluten, dairy, etc. is just the thing to put us back into a virtuous spot.


      As part of the cleanse, you will follow a mono-diet of kitchari, the ayurvedic superfood meal that consists of mung dal and rice. I will provide a step by step guide on how to prepare kitchari in a live Zoom session, where you can choose to cook with me or just watch and get tips. Become a part of the tribe and stay supported by joining the dedicated private Facebook group where I will be available to guide you and answer any questions for the duration of the cleanse. Get exclusive access to all recordings and supplemental materials, including meditations and Yoga Nidra, plus PDF files with a detailed shopping list and healthy recipes to supplement your cleanse and help integrate healthy habits into your life following the cleanse.

    • "The coaching, guidance and advice I have received from Oxana have been life-changing. "

      - Nicola Cosson


      Oxana qualified as an Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant from the Ayurveda Pura Academy of London in 2018. Since then she has developed her own coaching program and carried out health consultations with clients from all over the UK. She is a qualified Yoga & Meditation Teacher and has been teaching yoga classes in Wales since 2015.


      Oxana's style of interacting with clients is professional, compassionate, enthusiastic and down to earth. Having experienced many life challenges and health issues in her own life, and having worked with hundreds of people with complex personal problems, Oxana has a good insight into difficulties faced by individuals from all walks of life. Oxana has made it her mission to help people improve their lives and their health through the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda.

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      STEP 1: DETOX




      DAY 1 - 4


      We will begin by reducing the input of difficult-to-digest foods and foods we know don’t support our health. We gather the needed ingredients and supplies, and we set our intentions.



      DAY 1: Join live ZOOM Strategy session and meet other participants. Consider and set your intentions for the cleanse and the year ahead. All aspects of the program will be explained and you will get the opportunity to ask questions.


      DAY 2: Join live ZOOM Cooking session and learn how to cook a perfect Ayurvedic meal called kitchari, your main meal for the cleanse phase of the program. You will also learn how to make simple Ayurvedic preparations to improve your metabolism and digestion.







      DAY 5 - 7


      We establish a very simple (yet filling and nourishing) diet for 3 days to give the GI tract a break from the usual effort of digestion, which frees up energy for detoxification and waste removal. You will be guided through a mono-diet of one nutritious, complete-protein dish (called kitchari) for this entire 3-day phase. It is critical for participants to REST as much as possible in this phase.



      DAY 7: Join the final live ZOOM session to share and reflect on your experiences. Celebrate your accomplishments and set your vision for the year ahead. Ask questions and receive guidance on returning to a more diverse diet.

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      Want to lose weight in a healthy way


      Would like to increase your energy levels


      Feel stuck in a rut or trapped in old emotional or mental patterns


      Need structure, guidance and accountability to implement positive changes in life

      Want to start the new year in the best possible way


      Want to learn new, healthier habits