• "Do you know what the music is saying?

    Come follow me and you will find the way.

    Your mistakes can also lead you to the Truth.

    When you ask the answer will be given."

    - Rumi



    Play. Move. Practice. Chill.



    The effect of music on our body chemistry is particularly fascinating to me. Our bodies effectively contain an internal pharmacy that dispenses various chemicals to help us deal with life’s challenges. For example, if you’re in a dangerous situation, you’ll receive a shot of adrenaline to give you energy, and if you do something which is good for you, you get a dose of serotonin. Research has revealed that music holds the keys to your body’s pharmacy, and can promote or suppress the release of these chemicals.


    I often use music in my daily yoga practice and most of my classes are slow vinyasa flows choreographed to musical rhythms. In fact, all of my classes are created and led by the sound of music.


    Below is a selection of musical compositions I use in my yoga classes. You may choose to use them in your home yoga practice or as background and relaxation music. Enjoy!

  • Practice to the Sound of AUM


    Slow Flow 1


  • Slow Flow 2

  • Slow Flow 3

  • Active Vinyasa

  • Slow, Slow, Fast

  • Atmospheric Yin Flow