• The REAL Detox Challenge




    16/10/2021 - 22 /10/2021

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    A five-day programme run from a private Instagram page that will give you the tools to detox your body and mind, reconnect with yourself + learn about an appropriate seasonal diet, lifestyle considerations, daily routines and Ayurvedic rituals.



    This challenge is for you if you feel stuck in a rut or trapped in old emotional or mental patterns, want to increase your energy levels and lose weight in a healthy way; would like to learn new healthier habits; and need structure, support & guidance to implement positive changes.



    When you join the plan you will receive access to a private Instagram page -this will be where you will find all the information you need throughout the seven days. Each day there will be new posts and videos to guide you.


    - LIVE Instagram sessions, including daily yoga and meditation


    - Shopping List


    - Delicious recipes and home remedies to help balance your digestion (Agni) and help boost your immunity (Ojas) + encourage the body to gently eliminate toxins and help the body come into balance.


    - LIVE Q&A Sessions with Oxana



    The Challenge is offered FREE of charge. All I ask is that you provide honest feedback and testimonial upon completion of the challenge. I am running this programme in the new format and your input will help evaluate and improve it for the future. The monetary value of this package is £90.

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    Get in Touch with Oxana

    Register for the Challenge then purchase your FREE ticket via my SHOP to get access to DETOX PORTAL


    "The programme has greatly improved my routine and regulation around food, cooking at lunchtime and the use of simple recipes. My sleep and digestion improved – I experience less gas and bloated feelings. The cleanse has opened up a lot of new things for me which has aided my physical health massively, and emotionally I feel much more grounded. It was a great opportunity to connect and go deeper into my relationship with diet, food, and self-discipline. Oxana was a perfect teacher and very supportive."

    Esther, UK

    "The 2 week Spring cleanse/reset with Oxana was extremely educational & a fascinating journey into deepening my knowledge of Ayurveda. The group of participants taking part in Zoom meetings and on WhatsApp pre, during & post the cleanse were super supportive, inspiring & encouraging. The planning, shopping, recipes, cooking lesson, advice on food combinations, Ayurveda knowledge & inspirational quotes, shared by Oxana really supported me throughout this process. I've learned so much about the importance of nurturing our minds, bodies & spirits within a supportive framework of Ayurveda. Oxana is a highly-skilled, generous, knowledgeable Ayurvedic Practitioner/Yoga Teacher."

    Susan, Spain

    "Just finished the 2 weeks Spring cleanse and detox with Oxana and am feeling good Lost a few pounds, done some cooking of simple meals - my lunches were pretty good, if I may say so! I had lots of encouragement and recipes from Oxana and even a Saturday morning cookery class thrown in. This is a good way to adjust your diet, find out what is good for you, and not so good, and what food you should avoid. It does take a couple of days to take on board the recommendations and you may miss a couple of things; overall though worth it for a healthier you and plenty of things to take into your eating habits."

    Ian, UK

    "I've learned a lot about Ayurveda, about the human body and about myself. I've learned a lot about nutrition and about a balance of body and mind.


    More than anything, this experience had taught me to be mindful of what I put into my body and how to nourish it. Oxana kept me sane and motivated with new information, recipes and reminders of the benefits of the treatment. Trust me when I say it - you will feel great - your body, mind and your skin will feel 100% better. I am very grateful to Oxana for her support and help".

    Larysa, UK


    Oxana qualified as an Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant from the Ayurveda Pura Academy of London in 2018. Since then she has developed her own coaching program and carried out health consultations with clients from all over the UK. She is a qualified Yoga & Meditation Teacher and has been teaching yoga classes in Wales since 2015.


    Oxana's style of interacting with clients is professional, compassionate, enthusiastic and down to earth. Having experienced many life challenges and health issues in her own life, and having worked with hundreds of people with complex personal problems, Oxana has a good insight into difficulties faced by individuals from all walks of life. Oxana has made it her mission to help people improve their lives and their health through the sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda.

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    Saturday, 16 October 8-9 am: Preparation day 1! We will start with a short meditation and intention setting practice followed by Orientation - I will explain the format of the challenge and go through the shopping list with you. We will discuss the diet - what foods to include and cut out, recipes + supplements and herbs you might like to add to your cleanse and where to get them. This will also be an opportunity to ask questions and receive clarification.


    Sunday, 17 October 8-9 am: Preparation day 2! We will start with yoga, breathing and meditation practice followed by a discussion about lifestyle suggestions for the week to assist you with your challenge. We will complete the session with a short Q&A to ensure that you feel confident and ready for the challenge!


    Monday, 18 October 7-7:30 am: Yoga + Meditation practice.*


    Tuesday, 19 October 7-7:30 am: Yoga + Meditation practice.

                                         8-8:30 pm: Deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra). 


    Wednesday, 20 October 7-7:30 am: Yoga + Meditation practice.


    Thursday, 21 October 8:00-8:30 pm: Deep relaxation (Yoga Nidra).


    Friday, 22 October 7-8 pm: Final session! Celebrate your success! We will discuss how you can integrate what you have learned during the week into your everyday life so that you can maintain the benefits long term. We will complete the challenge with guided meditation.


    * All sessions and practices will be recorded and available for the duration of the challenge.



    - A better understanding of yourself, your body and how to apply Ayurveda to your life for better health and well-being
    - Improved digestion
    - An opportunity for deeper healing on a spiritual and energetic level
    - Stable energy levels and quality of sleep
    - A chance to reconnect with your mind, body + soul
    - A sense of calm, balance and grounding